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Blind Sports Radio now has a donation page, where you can give financially in order to support Blind Sports Radio.

Your help is of the utmost importance, as without it, we won’t be able to continue on serving up the fabulous array of blind sport we have for you in the future.

Let me break down for you what it costs us to run the station on a monthly basis.

• A fast server that can handle our listeners tuning into BSR events – $60
• A file host that can handle as much data that we can throw at it – $10
• Internet hosting costs and webserver costs – $20
• So, without even thinking of the costs associated with our broadcasters travelling interstate or overseas, Blind Sports Radio is already paying out on average $90 per month.

Blind sports radio now has a variety of shows that we broadcast each week, as well as a huge array of blind sport that we commentate on, including goalball, blind cricket, blind golf and swish (blind table tennis).

These important live broadcasts will be exceedingly difficult to accomplish without your financial assistance, which would undoubtedly help in the accomodation and travel costs, and, more importantly, the outlay required for the 3G and 4G internet necessary to allow us to continue broadcasting online.

We estimate that to make all of our future live broadcasts come to fruition, we would be looking at spending in excess of $10000 per annum.

I would love to continue bringing you live sport for many months and years to come, but without your help, it is looking unlikely that Blind Sports Radio would be able to continue on broadcasting down the track, simply because of the cost of running and maintaining the radio station.

Blind sports radio would greatfully appreciate you, our loyal listeners, considering to donate too what we firmly believe is a worthy cause, so that we can continue to do what we love, which is broadcasting blind sport online.

To see more of what Blind Sports Radio has so far been about and what our plans are in the future, why not check out our
previous broadcasts
and our
upcoming events,
pages and I’m sure you’ll agree that Blind Sports Radio is certainly committed to being a professional and well organised online station that is keen to promote and broadcast blind sport around the globe.

No matter how big or small your donation, please know that it will be going toward continuing what is such a wonderful online service and that your donations are fully tax deductable.




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